Tree cut down, lands on neighbor’s home

An Amherst, New York man says he does not know which company cut down a tree that landed on his neighbor’s home.

The homeowner had hired a contractor to remove the tree, but that contractor apparently subcontracted the work out to an unnamed entity. After the subcontractor felled the tree on top of the neighbor’s home, the crew fled. Police are still trying to identify those responsible, according to a report.

Ultimately, the homeowner had to hire a reputable tree service company to safely remove the tree from his neighbor’s roof.

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) recommends working with qualified tree care companies to avoid accidents and liability issues. Read our article, Homeowner Responsibilities & Liabilities, to learn how to protect your assets and identify disreputable tree care companies.

Homeowners can also search for TCIA members in their ZIP Code, many of which are TCIA Accredited, to ensure their tree care project is completely correctly and efficiently.


3 thoughts on “Tree cut down, lands on neighbor’s home

  • WOOOOOWWWW!!!! I’ve seen a lot of Stupid things happen in my nearly 20 years in the Tree Business but Never a Tree of that size being dropped on a house!!!!


  • Wow!! tat is a great example of why you hire a reputable company with insurance!!!

  • Man I hope no one was hurt inside the house! This is a great example why you hire a professional tree service, one that’s experienced and insured. Wow that picture just says it all. What kind of guy cuts a tree down and runs away? What a jerk, I could never be this dishonest.


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