Study: Living near trees good for health

Urban neighborhoods filled with trees are better for promoting physical health, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.

The study builds on a body of prior research, which suggests a positive correlation between green spaces and good health. This study, however, goes a bit further and quantifies this correlation in detail.

“We find that having 10 more trees in a city block, on average, improves health perception in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000 and moving to a neighborhood with $10,000 higher median income or being 7 years younger,” states the study.

Researchers selected a large urban population center (Toronto, Canada) for the study, and examined high-resolution satellite imagery and Toronto’s tree database, which accounts for species, location and tree diameter, among other factors.

This was supplemented by data from the Ontario Health Study, which reported not only individual self-perceptions of health but also heart conditions, prevalence of cancer, diabetes, mental health problems and much more.

Click here to read the full study.

One thought on “Study: Living near trees good for health

  • I think it’s no secret that trees give the nav the opportunity to breathe clean air, even a house flower filters the air in the room and helps our respiratory system.


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