“Save Our Water and Our Trees!” Campaign Offers Tips to Help Trees Thrive

TCIA member The Davey Tree Expert Company has partnered with California ReLeaf, Save Our Water, and a coalition of urban forest and other concerned organizations to raise awareness on the importance of proper tree care during California’s historic drought, according to their website.

Save Our Water is California’s official statewide conservation education program. California ReLeaf is a statewide urban forest nonprofit providing support and service to over 90 community nonprofits that plant and care for trees.

With potentially millions of urban trees at risk, this campaign focuses on a simple yet urgent message: Save Our Water and Our Trees! The Save Our Water and Our Trees partnership is highlighting tips for both residents and agencies on how to water and care for trees so that they not only survive the drought, but thrive to provide shade, beauty and habitat, clean the air and water, and make our cities and towns healthier and more livable for decades to come.

The campaign recommends the following for protecting your trees against drought:

  • Deeply and slowly water mature trees 1-2 times per month with a simple soaker hose or drip system toward the edge of the tree canopy – NOT at the base of the tree. Use a Hose Faucet Timer (found at hardware stores) to prevent overwatering.
  • Young trees need 5 gallons of water 2 – 4 times per week. Create a small watering basin with a berm of dirt.
  • Shower with a bucket and use that water for your trees long as it is free of non-biodegradable soaps or shampoos.
  • Do not over-prune trees during drought. Too much pruning and drought both stress your trees.
  • Mulch, Mulch, MULCH! 4 – 6 inches of mulch helps retain moisture, reducing water needs and protecting your trees.

For more tips, visit Save Our Water’s website, available in both English and Spanish.

One thought on ““Save Our Water and Our Trees!” Campaign Offers Tips to Help Trees Thrive

  • May 19, 2021 at 3:52 pm

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