Things We Heart – January 2016 Edition

We’ve rounded up some of the best tree stuff on the web for your enjoyment. Check out this month’s highlights below:

The 34 Most Beautiful Forests in the World. You’re going to love this collection of beautiful forest photos! Some are weird. Some are unique. Others are drop-dead gorgeous. See for yourself here.

Trail Trees are a Living Native American Legacy. Have you ever come across a bent tree while exploring the North American woods? Its irregular shape may have natural causes, but it could also indicate that the tree was used as an ancient trail marker by Native Americans. If the latter, you’re lucky; the locations of these peculiar trees are kept secret to protect them. See what they look like here.

Some Guy Ran Around Tokyo Dressed as a Christmas Tree. Yes, really. A British man named Joseph Tame, who previously gained attention in Japan by running marathons with windmills on his head, brought a little holiday cheer to the city by dressing up as a Christmas tree. Read more here.

A Tree Grows in Mali. In Mali, women farmers use leaves from special trees called Gliricidia sepiums to fertilize their soil. This low-cost, natural method is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers, plus the Gliricidia’s leaves provide shade for fragile plants like maize, cow peas and other vegetables. Learn more here.

Photo Credit: Mohammad Shahid, Flickr.

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