How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Wondering what to do with your Christmas tree now that the holidays are over? Don’t trash it or dump it on the curb. If you used a real tree (which is biodegradable), consider recycling it instead!

The Christmas Tree Association provides several tips for post-holiday recycling:

Curbside pick-up. Your municipality may pick up and recycle your tree for you within the next week or two. The rules vary depending on where you live, so check out this list from to see how your state handles this issue. You may also drop off your tree at your local recycling center, if available.

Turn it into mulch. Some areas may have programs geared specifically to recycle Christmas trees into mulch. Check with your local waste management facility to see if they will chip and shred the tree into mulch for you.

Nurture the surrounding wildlife. Old Christmas trees can make wonderful feeders for the local wildlife. If you have a pond, consider sinking your tree into it to create a refuge and feeding area for fish. Or, string the tree with popcorn garland, orange slices and other treats to delight the backyard birds. Just make sure all of the decorations are removed first; these are choking hazards for wildlife.

Looking for more options? Click here to read more from the National Christmas Tree Association.

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