Things We Heart – April 2018

We’ve rounded up some timely and relevant tree stuff on the web for your edification. Check out this month’s highlights below:

Want to plant some trees, but don’t know what to plant or don’t have time? has you covered – this is a search engine, with one major difference. They use the profit the make from your searches to native plant trees where they are needed most around the world. Helping the world one internet search at a time – sounds great!

Considering adding an ornamental pear tree to your landscape?

If you live in Indiana, think again. A Google search for “ornamental pear tree” pulls up 19,000 results, most of which decry the planting of this invasive species. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, “over time different varieties of pear have cross pollinated in our urban areas, allowing them to rapidly spread into our natural resources.”
Learn more about landscaping with native plants and trees in Indiana.

Move over emerald ash borer – the spotted lanternfly is the newest Asian beetle to attack U.S. trees.

First detected in Pennsylvania in 2014, there is evidence that is has spread to Delaware and Northern Virginia. Spotted lanternfly tend to lay eggs on tree of heaven, but will use any smooth, vertical surface, including smooth-barked trees, stones, lumber, vehicles, farm equipment, outdoor furniture and other man-made surfaces. Eggs hatch into nymphs in April and May – If you have tree of heaven on your property, it is a good place to start searching for spotted lanternfly. Dusk is a good time to inspect trees and plants as they gather in large groups on the trunks or stems of plants. In the spring, look for the white-spotted black-bodied nymphs.
Read more about this invasive pest from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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