Wood Chippers

Looking to get rid of the brush or wood pile in your backyard? For many homeowners, the easiest option is to utilize a wood chipper – a machine that reduces wood and brush down to chips and scraps that can be used elsewhere in your landscape.

But it’s key to note that operating wood chippers can be extremely dangerous. Anyone operating a wood chipper is at risk of being caught in the machine and getting pulled into the fast-turning chipper knives. Homeowners untrained on how to properly use a wood chipper should think twice before operating the machine.

A professional tree care company already has the equipment and knowledge to properly operate a wood chipper.

7 thoughts on “Wood Chippers

  • Gus Chiggins

    Utilizing a wood chipper would definitely help clear brush, and debris from your yard. Using the mulch in other places sounds like a great way to recycle old plants. I am going to clean up my backyard this weekend, it will be great. I am looking forward to how good it’s going to look when I’m through.

  • Drew Harrison

    Wood Chippers are a really awesome tool! I’m always super scared of working around them because of how powerful they are and I like my hands attached to my body! I suppose that fear and respect will keep me safe in the long run. Great post!

  • As already mentioned a wood chipper can be dangerous for homeowners. Going for a professional tree care company will be the best choice if one doesn’t have proper knowledge of using it. You can contact us as we are also into professional tree care services.

  • Raylin Sutter

    What do you think is the best wood chipper? I am considering renting one and doing the work myself. I have cut off a lot of branches off of the trees on my property recently.

  • Eliza Cranston

    I agree that a woodchipper is a great way to get rid of a brush or wood pile. I have a large stack of branches from trimming my trees and I would like to line the walkway in my yard with woodchips. However, I don’t want to buy the equipment. Do you know if it’s possible to rent a small chipper?

  • We use wood chippers all the time and they are fantastic. Really important though to make sure your guys are educated on proper safety techniques. People have been killed by wood chippers before.


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