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When to Cut Down a Tree

It can be hard to know when to cut down a tree.

Most people have fond memories of a tree. Maybe you climbed one a lot as a kid, or perhaps your treehouse was the old neighborhood hangout. But once that tree dies, it becomes a big safety risk for not only your property, but also your neighbor’s.

Is My Tree Dead?

The simple answer is maybe. It may look like it’s dead, but it could also be dormant. Or maybe only a section of the tree is dead, with just a few branches affected.

What Should I Look For?

Fortunately, there are some telltale symptoms of a dying tree you can look for to get an idea of what may be going on. However, both Tchukki Andersen, staff arborist at Tree Care Industry Association, and Gary Robertson, owner of Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, note that each genus of tree will show it is dying in different ways.

When Should I Cut Down a Tree?

Budget Dumpster has created a guide to help you figure out if your tree is dead, as well as what to do with it if it’s time to cut it down.

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4 thoughts on “When to Cut Down a Tree

  • One thing in our business is that sometimes clients have such an emotional connection to trees that they planted. We had a situation recently, where the family planted a maple tree in their front yard and over time marked the height of their kids on the trunk of the tree. Unfortunately, with a lot of new developments where there is so little land allocated to the front yard, this poor Maple tree had grown to over 25 feet but the roots had no place to grow and were starting to branch out horizontally and hit the foundation of the home. We hate cutting down trees that are still in their prime and the only way to help these clients was to cut the portion where they marked out the heights of their 3 kids and leave it in their garage. Unfortunately, the tree had to be removed to prevent any further damage.

  • Great tips! We had a close call cutting down a tree last fall. It’s amazing how fast things can go wrong. Stay safe!

  • Insightful tips on how to cut down a tree. I was worried about how to take on this job, however with your help I think I can do it.



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