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Things We Heart – September 2017

We’ve rounded up some of the best tree stuff on the web for your enjoyment. Check out this month’s highlights below:

Planning a trip to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City any time soon?

If so, make time to see the Survivor Tree, a Callery pear tree that 9/11 rescue workers found extensively damaged, but was brought to the Parks Department’s Arthur Ross Nursery in the Bronx to be rehabilitated. In 2010 it was replanted at the site of the memorial.
Read more about it here, and here.

Ever wondered how to move a 10-story-tall giant sequoia a few blocks down the road?

A sequoia that tall weighs 800,000 pounds and measures approximately 20 feet in diameter at its base, so moving it is no small task! St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, Idaho, had to figure out a way to answer this question.
Read more about how they accomplished the task, and watch a video of part of the moving process.

Hidden in plain sight — that’s how researchers describe their discovery of a new genus of large forest tree commonly found, yet previously scientifically unknown, in the tropical Andes of Peru.

The Incadendron esseri (named “Esser’s tree of the Inca” inspired by the land of the Incan empire on which it grows) stretches up to 100 feet tall and yet its discovery has perplexed researchers for years.
Learn more about this new tree, here.

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