Things We Heart – October 2015 Edition

We’ve rounded up some of the best tree stuff on the web for your enjoyment. Check out this month’s highlights below:

New Map Proves (Again) How Important Trees are to Modern Life.  The concept of “tree sweat” might sound strange (or just gross), but this new map shows how much this phenomenon can affect the temperatures in your city.  The consensus? Surround yourself with trees for a cooler environment.

The Oldest Trees on the Planet. Trees are some of the most ancient organisms on the planet. From the 80,000-year-old Pando tree of Utah (also the heaviest living organism on earth), to the Stonehenge contemporary Zoroastrian Sarv, these specimens are as fascinating to look at as they are to read about.

tree-root-bridgeArtist Has Spent 7 Years Turning UK Forests Into Works Of Art.  Artist Ellie Davies has devoted the better part of a decade to capturing UK landscapes and forests as works of art. These beautiful images also portray different aspects of humanity’s relationship with nature, as explained on her website.

The Fall Foliage Prediction Map (2015 Edition). It’s that time of year again! Some tree aficionados don’t mind crossing the country for a peep at New England foliage, but if you’d rather stay at home, we’ve got you covered. This map allows you to look ahead and see just how the foliage will change in your area over the next few months. Happy leaf peeping!

India’s Fascinating Tree Root Bridges Grow Stronger Every Year. These “living bridges” are formed by locals who have trained the roots of rubber trees to grow into natural bridges. Not only are they stronger than their wooden, man-made counterparts – they actually become sturdier over time as the root systems grow.

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