Things We Heart – May 2016 Edition

We’ve rounded up some of the best tree stuff on the web for your enjoyment. Check out this month’s highlights below:

120-pound Great Dane Gets Stuck in Tree.
We’ve heard of cats getting stuck in trees — but Great Danes? CNN affiliate KMTV captured footage of the incident.
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Biodegradable Capsule Turns Your Body into a Tree.
If burial or cremation doesn’t appeal to you, there’s now another option — turning your ashes into a living, breathing tree! One Kickstarter project, Bios Incube, is working to bring this innovative new product to market.
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The Language of Flowers, Herbs and Trees: 71 Plants and Their Meanings.
When words fail, try expressing your feelings through greenery! The language of floriography — which is dependent on the plants used and their arrangement — is more complex than you may think.
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