Things We Heart – March 2016 Edition

We’ve rounded up some of the best tree stuff on the web for your enjoyment. Check out this month’s highlights below:

German forest ranger finds that trees have social networks, too.
Writer and forest ranger Peter Wohlleben has captivated public imagination with a fact long-known to biologists: trees are social beings.
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REVEALED: Greatest collection of ancient oak trees in Europe.
At least 60 Middle Age oaks (established 960 – 1196AD) have been unearthed on the grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, making it the largest collection of ancient trees in Britain.
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As Disneyland prepares for “Star Wars” land, it is saving trees that could be in the way.
Trees that are 20, 30 and even 60 years old are being transplanted into a new area of Disneyland park, which will soon be transformed into a “Star Wars” landscape. Nearly 1,000 trees, old and new, will be used for the project.
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Free trees offered for tornado-hit Mayflower, Virginia.
Up to 6,200 free trees will be offered this week to residents of Mayflower and Vilonia to help replace those damaged or destroyed by a 2014 tornado.
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3 thoughts on “Things We Heart – March 2016 Edition

  • I’ve long thought that trees are just as social as us and possibly even more. I have found that if I plant trees in pairs, they tend to grow slightly faster and are far healthier…!

  • Such cool, interesting facts about trees. I also believe in the collective network of trees. It’s also really noble of disneyland to be preserving trees and redeveloping their landscape to do so

  • Awesome articles. Good to see the trees in disneyland were relocated instead of being scrapped. Trees make this planet truly beautiful.


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