Daily Tree Planting Care

Once your tree is safely planted, what is the proper care to ensure success?

  • Water Your Tree: Until your tree is thoroughly established (typically one to two years), water it once or twice a week. You want your tree to form deep roots to help it resist drought and wind, so a long slow trickle of water is more effective than a quick spritz. Donโ€™t forget to let the ground dry out between waterings.
  • Pruning: Trees should be pruned after planting to remove broken, damaged, diseased or dead branches. Prune also to develop a good branch structure once the tree has become established in its new home, usually 1-3 years after planting. Never remove more than 25 percent of total foliage in one year.
  • Eliminate Dangers: Keep lawn mowers and string trimmers away from tree to avoid wounding the trunk. Reduce herbicide use near tree and in surrounding lawn.
  • Fertilization: Never fertilize stressed trees. Fertilizer is not tree food. It should be applied only after first year โ€“ and only if absolutely necessary. When used, fertilizer should be applied at the perimeter edge of the planting site. Also, do not plant flowers under the tree.
  • Stability: Consider staking and/or protecting the trunk of the tree if there is a real potential for wind damage or lawn mower injury. Remove the guy wires (string, rope, wire or other used with supports) when the staking is no longer needed or the tree could be injured or even killed from girdling by the wire.
  • Mulching: Organic mulches can be used to conserve moisture, regulate soil temperature, discourage weed and vegetation growth, and replenish vital nutrients. Routine mulching will also improve root growth and contribute to the overall health of the tree.

To help ensure your tree stays healthy and happy, consider starting an annual tree inspection program while the tree is young to head off problems early.

Need help evaluating the health of your tree? Contact an arborist or a tree care professional.

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23 thoughts on “Daily Tree Planting Care

  • Francis Kyle

    I love planting the trees, thanks for some tips how the proper care and safely planting trees.

  • I have seen so many tree’s dying due to improper care! Tree care services are the best helping hand out there.

  • Most people don’t really think of a local tree service to help out with planting trees, but they are some of the best to ask as they are super knowledgeable about trees in general– especially if they have certified arborists on staff.

  • I have my trees pruned once per year around April-time when there are little-to-no-leaves.

  • As a tree service provider I may start offering this service with a small maintenance contract. Thanks for the article and idea!

  • This is what happens when someone doesn’t understand trees and how they work.

  • Thanks for the post!
    Watering, pruning and fertilizing are the 3 main whales on whom stands the tree care. Better hire a tree surgeon company so your garden looks beautiful!

  • Excellent and very useful article. Two times per year better to use tree service company to take care of your trees and your garden so they look fabulous.

  • I have a tree service company in New Mexico and I just stumbled across your site. This is a great informative post about basic tree care. I love your infographic too!

  • i’d say to water deep and infrequent, watering deep encourages strong root growth instead of watering every day for just 10 minutes. The heavier you water, the deeper into the soil the water will penetrate. Hope this help!

  • This is a great step by step guide to really get your trees going! Thanks for this great read, I’ll have to experiment with different types of fertilizers next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • For us the big one is pruning – I think this is often overlooked by most amateur gardeners and can make such a difference to the overall lifespan and health of a tree.

    Thanks for the great read though.

    All the best

  • Pruning is a big part of tree care that is often missed. If you do that along with the other ones suggested, your trees will certainly flourish. Thanks for the info.

  • What a great infographic, makes it easy to read and take care of your trees. I love this type of content.

  • I’m really scared that any point of improper care since it could significantly reduce the life of our trees or possibly lead to serious accidents so tree care services are the suitable way for me. Last year, I have called a local company near Quincy ma which is knowledgeable in all aspects of tree care for evaluating the health of any tree, a crew arrived on time and did a great job with the evaluation and trimming.Service was great, and I will call you again if I ever need anything

  • Mike Turner

    I don’t think people realize how important tree services really are! At my tree service in Lexington I’ve seen trees that fell inches away from cars, houses, pools, etc! Thanks for the great article and keep taking care of your trees!

  • Tree Services Lexington SC

    Awesome article, thanks for spreading the word. The graphic explains it all perfectly!


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