3 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day is the annual spring holiday when individuals are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Taking place across the country this year on Friday, April 24, Arbor Day is a great day to get outside and take a few moments to give back to your tree canopy.

Looking for ways to celebrate? We’ve got you covered.

1. Plant a Tree
Although this is the most obvious way to celebrate the holiday, it’s number one for a reason. Planting trees not only spruces up your landscape and adds value to your property, trees nurture the surrounding wildlife and improve air quality and water erosion. Before embarking on your Arbor Day adventure, learn more about planting a tree. Do it right the first time!

2. Community Cleanup
It’s no secret that trash can ruin a landscape. Why not spend the day cleaning up your local park or neighborhood? All it takes is some trash bags, rubber gloves, and manpower. Don’t forget – A healthy landscape results in healthy trees and shrubs!

3. Connect with Your Arborists
Professional tree care companies and arborists often organize tree care and planting projects in their community. Why not contact your local tree care company and see what their plans are for the holiday? Maybe they’re holding a local tree planting, or an education session at a nearby community center. Connect with the pros and enhance your tree care education … in honor of Arbor Day!

Check out the slideshow below from Arbor Day 2014!

Members of the Massachusetts Arborist Association banded together to work on the historic trees within the Emerald Necklace, an 1,100-acre chain of parks in Boston. Companies were also giving away seedlings to locals and educating passers-by on proper tree care.

How are you celebrating Arbor Day? Let us know in the comments!

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